brixinvest Featured Set –LEGO® 4429 Helicopter Rescue

The LEGO® set 4429, Helicopter Rescue Set, was launched in 2012. It is 425 pieces and comes with four minfigures. It is a throwback to earlier hospital sets such as set 363 from the 1970’s with all the modern designs. I especially like all the details inside such as he hospital beds and the syringes with the surgeon in smock ready to perform surgery on the poor skateboarder.

The stretcher design has not changed in some time. I would hope that LEGO would have thought of a new design that is not stuck in 1940’s! Hint, hint, for some of the 3D and plastic injection custom designers our there.

The ambulance is a compact version compared to the standalone sets such as the recent 4431 which has a few additional features such as the emergency equipment and has a much larger ambulance space where one of the EMT can sit inside attending to the poor injured bicyclist.

The Helicopter itself is also a modern design. The patients can be loaded and unloaded through the rear cargo door. The later designs still use the same nose design. Again, there is very little room inside. Only the stretcher and the pilot will fit and there is not room for any medial staff.

This set cost around $60 new. It was retired in early 2014 and the current prices range anywhere from $165 to $75. It is at the low range around a 25% price increase for a set still in box. This set can still appreciate more in the future, but is has not kept up with S&P which had a dramatic 58% or more since 2012. Meanwhile if you have set 4429 still in box, you can enjoy the artwork and wait for prices to go up or open it up and have lots of fun building it!