brixinvest Featured Set –LEGO® 8403 City House

The LEGO® set 8403, City House, was launched in 2010. It is 383 pieces and comes with three minfigures. This is not one of the more well-known LEGO® houses as is the case with the Town House set 4954 . However, in my opinion this is a more interesting set since it has fun details throughout.

The front of the house includes a mailbox, a waste can, a couple of nice trees, a tree house, a barbecue set, a lounging chair, fences, a street light, a fire hydrant and sidewalk . It also includes solar panels and a house number. This was designed to appeal to 5 to 12 year olds, so this design is very thoughtful.

The interior of the this set is also as detailed. On the first floor, you’ll find the kitchen and a dining table, and a television. On the next floor there is a sofa and a lamp with table with two drink cups as well as computer workstation for the mini-figures to look at their LEGO® investment data on 😉 On the very top floor is the bed with a side table and a lamp.

This set cost $39.99 new. It was retired in late 2010 giving it only a less than a year in the market. The current prices for sealed set range anywhere from $202 to $92. The average hovers around $140. At average price this is a 59% price increase per year for a set still in box . Even at the low price of $92, this is still a 38% increase each year. This set can still appreciate more in the future. It out-paces S&P which had an increase of 11% pear yar since 2010. We think that this would have been a sound investment and if you have this set still new in box, you can expect further increase in price.