Featured Set – LEGO® City Ambulance 4431

Our latest featured LEGO set is the City Ambulance 4431 first released in 2011.  The set is made of 199 pieces.  It was designed for ages 5 to 12.   There are three minifigures, two paramedics and a patient.  The stretcher is one of the more detailed versions.  It includes wheels and an IV stand.  The paramedic also holds a big scary syringe way too big to be useful for a port little mini-figure patient.

The ambulance features opening rear door, detailed interior and removable stretcher.   You can remove the roof to play and look inside the ambulance. This is a big ambulance at 6″+ (17cm) long. This is the only LEGO ambulance I have ever seen where you can have the paramedic and the patient fit inside at the same time.

This set cost $19.99 when it was introduced.  It was retired in 2012 not tool long after it was first introduced.  Therefore, a set new in box is rather a rare find.    Of the NSIB sets that were found, the average price is around $102 with the highest price found around $148.  This is about a 400% increase in price.  Therefore, set 4431 seems to have been a great investment.

Ambulance 4431
Ambulance 4431
LEGO CIty Ambulance 4431 - Released in 2011