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Future Prospects

We all know which past sets have gone up in value.  We do enjoy the benefit of hindsight when it comes to the retired older sets.  But what are those sets currently shipping today that might go up in value in the same rate as some of the top sets of the past.    We have considered past trends and ongoing interest in current sets.

The list below contains what we think will appreciate more than other current sets after they are no longer made  by LEGO®.   This, we hope, will help in investment decisions by the avid collector.

ImageSet NumberDescriptionThemeLEGO Store Price# of PiecesPrice Per PieceYear ReleasedBuy AtAvailable at

©Lego Group
10258London BusCreator$139.991686$0.122017Shopping_cart_icon
42055-p420552 in 1 Bucket Wheel ExcavatorTechnic$279.993929$0.072016Shopping_cart_icon
4205642056Porsche 911 GT3 RSTechnic$299.992704$0.112016Shopping_cart_icon
1025310253Big BenCreator$249.994163$0.062016Shopping_cart_icon
6010260102Airport VIP ServiceCity$49.99364$0.142016Shopping_cart_icon
©Lego Group
75106Imperial Assault Carrier™Star Wars™$129.991216$0.112015Shopping_cart_icon
©Lego Group
75094Imperial Shuttle Tydirium™Star Wars™$99.99937$0.112015Shopping_cart_icon
©Lego Group
10247Ferris WheelCreator$199.992464$0.082015Shopping_cart_icon
©Lego Group
75095TIE Fighter™Star Wars™$199.991685$0.122015Shopping_cart_icon
©Lego Group
60098Heavy-Haul Train City$199.99984$0.202015Shopping_cart_icon
©Lego Group
75060Slave 1Star Wars™$199.991996$0.102015Shopping_cart_icon
©Lego Group
75059Sandcrawler™Star Wars™$299.993296$0.092014Retired in 2017!See prices in our Star Wars™ page!
Mini-Copper-1024210242Mini CooperCreator$99.991077$0.192014Shopping_cart_icon
©Lego Group
10243Parisian RestaurantCreator $159.992469$0.062014Shopping_cart_icon
©Lego Group
42030Remote-Controlled VOLVO L350F Wheel LoaderTechnic$249.991636$0.152014Shopping_cart_icon
©Lego Group
60051High Speed Passenger TrainCity$149.99610$0.252014Shopping_cart_icon
©Lego Group
10214Tower BridgeBuildings$239.994295$0.062010Shopping_cart_icon
All images are © Lego Group.

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2 thoughts on “Future Prospects

  1. Hi,

    what do you think about the simpson sets (house and kwik e mart) and the new millennium falcon 75192 concerning investment?

    • I am partial to the Star Wars sets when it comes to using them as investment. We have not covered the Simpsons sets. It doesn’t mean that if you keep a set fresh in box, you won’t be seeing price appreciation a few years from now.

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