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LEGO® Star Wars™ Sets Released Before 2010

The following are LEGO® Star Wars™ sets released before 2010.  They time range is from the beginning to 2009.  For sets after 2009 please set out 2010-2016 page.

The list below includes sets that have appreciated the most since they were first released or are the most sought after.  See resale prices of new sealed LEGO® brick sets.

By examining these lists and using our resale price guide, we hope you can make the best investment choices in retired and new LEGO® parts.

The list is ordered by annual resale price increase.   Use our sort and search capabilities appearing on top of table below to narrow down your interest choices.

Click on links within the table to go to the detailed set pages.

Image DescriptionSet #Initial Price (USD)Average Asking price (USD)Highest Asking Price % Increase over Initial Price % Annual Increase Since Release Released
Mellennium-Falcon-set-10179Millennium Falcon10179$499$7080$101501319%34%2007
Imperial-Star-Destroyer-set-10030Imperial Star Destroyer10030$269$3263$48571113%32%2007
Death-Star-II-Set-10143Death Star II10143$269$3306$49991129%32%2007
Y-wing-Attach-Starfighter-set-10134Y-Wing Attack Fighter10134$120$1744$22001424%25%2004
Rebel-SnowSpeeder-set-10129Rebel Snowspeeder10129$130$2487$34091813%25%2003
Naboo-Starfighter-set-10026Naboo Starfighter10026$40$1043$17982508%26%2002
?A Darth Maul Head10018$150$1847$24001131%18%2001
Rebel-Blockade-Runner-set-10019Rebel Blockade Runner10019$199$2173$28951121%18%2001
TIE-Interceptor-set-7181TIE Interceptor7181$100$1548$17501448%19%2000
X-wing-fighter-set-7191X-Wing Fighter7191$150$1901$24501173%17%2000
All prices for new sets in boxes that have never been opened and any seal has not been tampered with.

Items denoted with * indicate limited availability as NIB. The average price might fluctuate by a large percentage.

All images are © Lego Group.
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