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Classic Trains

Classic Trains:   LEGO® train sets released between 1970 to 1999

Classic LEGO® trains listed below are rare finds when looking for new and in sealed packaging.   Since most are at least 31 years old or much older, the original sale price is often unknown.  What you see are sets with the highest prices.

By examining these lists, we hope that you can make the best investment choices in retired and new LEGO® parts.

Image DescriptionSet #Initial Price (USD)Average Asking price (USD)Highest Asking Price % Increase over Initial Price Released
High-Speed-City-Express-set-7745High Speed City Express7745Unknown$2225$29991985
Steam-Cargo-Train-Set-7722Steam Cargo Train Set7722$69$1158$16021590%1985
Push-Along-Passenger-Steam-set-7715Push-Along Passenger Steam Train7715Unknown$1059$15451985
Passenger-Carrier-Sleeper-set-7815Passenger Carrier/Sleeper7815Unknown$1058$20971983
Heavy-Diesel-Shunting-set-7755Diesel Heavy Shunting7755Unknown$1152$17201983
Electric-Passenger-Train-set-7725Electric Passenger Train7725$70$2107$30022910%1981
Diesel-Shunter-Locomotive-Set-7760Diesel Shunter Locomotive7760Unknown$1996$28171980
Diesel-Freight-Train-Set-7720Diesel Freight Train7720Unknown$1230$21501980
Train-With-Signal-Set-182Train Set With Signal and Motor182Unknown$1495$19991975
Freight-Train-Set-725Freight Train725Unknown$1020$15991974
Diesel-Locomotive-Set-723Diesel Locomotive723Unknown$1090$12811970
All prices for new sets in boxes that have never been opened and any seal has not been tampered with.

Items denoted with * indicate limited availability as NIB. The average price might fluctuate by a large percentage.

All images are © Lego Group.



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