What is brixinvest?

The value of some collectible toys including several retired sets made of LEGO® bricks have appreciated to the point where they would surprise most average collectors.  In many cases LEGO ® prices have appreciated more than stocks.  Our goal is to be your  guide and resource when investing in LEGO®.

This site has compiled information on top sets and provides information such as:

  • How much are sellers asking for,  providing average price value as well as maximum and minimum.
  • What was the original selling price of the set.
  • Other information such as theme and year of release and year of retirement.
  • We will also provide predictions on some of the current  sets that are not yet retired.

Important notes

  • brixinvest.net is for  hobby purposes only.  While we work hard to provide the most up to date and accurate information  We do not guarantee accuracy of any information contained on this site.  Please see our   Legal section for more.
  • Information contained on this site applied to sets NIB (new in box).  These are sets that have never been opened and played with.   The box must be in excellent condition.



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