brixinvest Featured LEGO® Set 3741 My Own Train Large Locomotive

LEGO ®set 3741, was one of those unique LEGO® releases in 2001. A whole range these trains and cars were released. The Locomotives could be purchased in large and small (base set 3740) with and without the tender. Tender could be purchased individually under set 3742. There were color trim options that could be purchased for this locomotive as well. The set seen here is all black. The tender is a smaller part and fits great with the design of this locomotive

There were multiple cars that could be used that were in the same style. The wagon options include an open freight wagon, a tanker, a hopper, a passenger wagon which also comes in several colors and red caboose to name a few. There are many other product options including full train sets with passenger minifigures and a platform. We won’t go too far into these options.

This train set does not come with a motor but a 9V motor can be purchased and used. I have not personally tried to install a motor even though I purchased the parts and intended to do so when I first bought this set.

At first I thought that this was put together and sold by fans! When I first purchased this train, the box seemed unusual. The design was simple and lacked the fancy elements. The train cars packaging also had the same look and feel.

The selling price for this set was around $20. Since there are so many configurations and styles. Each configuration of these sets in new in box and completely intact condition is rare. The set 3741 goes for an average price of around $112. This is a 462% increase since release and a 12.20% increase per year. By comparison the S&P500 had a 6.62% gain per year since 2001. This makes set 3741 great to own if open or unopened (preferably unopened)! You can see our page with all the details for set 3741 as well as other modern train sets.

So, to sum up, we like the entire My Own Train line and would recommend owning them whether you would like to open and build or just hold on to for investment.

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