brixinvest Featured Set – LEGO® 10247 Ferris Wheel

LEGO® set 10247, the Ferris Wheel is currently shipping and has not yet retired. It sells for $199.99 in the US. This set is included in our Future Prospects section as one to buy and hold (or build and play with).

The Ferris Wheel Comparison to the Grand Carousel

We think that the Ferris Wheel will appreciate in value similar to the Grand Carousel set 10196. That set has gone from its initial price of $249 to an average of $3705 .  This is a 47% gain each and every year since its release in 2009.  By comparison the stock market S&P 500 gained an average of 12.75%. The Grand Carousel therefore gained 4 times the gain of the S&P 500 so far.  We should note that this is after the global recession lows of 2009, where the stock market bounced back from huge losses. That set was released in the US in mid 2009 and retired about 17 months later.

The Ferris Wheel was released by LEGO® in June 2015. While we do not know when LEGO® will retire any set, if this set is retired after in a similar length of time as the Grand Carousel, we can expect a retirement date of end of 2016.

The Ferris Wheel Features

This is a nice large set. The dimensions are printed in a small section in front the box. It is 38cm or 15 inches by 60cm or 24 inches. It is 55m or about 21 inches wide. As with most other Creator Expert models, the set has a huge number of parts. The Ferris Wheel is composed of 2464 pieces. It comes with 10 minifigures and has 12 gondolas. You will have hours of fun if you choose to build this one.

As the box displays (see photos in the below Album), you can purchase the LEGO® Power Functions sets to motorize the Ferris Wheel. This can be done by purchasing set 8883, the motor, and set 88000 the AAA battery box. The Grand Carousel had Power Functions parts already included. That set came with motor, battery box and sound brick. However considering the retail price of the Ferris Wheel is about $50 less, this should be just fine. Set 8883 goes for $7.49 and set 88000 for $12.99. So both Power Functions sets will cost you $20.48 plus shipping costs if you buy online. This is half the $50 additional cost of the Grand Carousel.

Other features include an ice cream stand, a bench to sit on and have your ice cream, a control station for the operator of the Ferris wheel, and flowers and trees everywhere.

Collect Ferris Wheel 10247

To sum up, we think you should purchase the Ferris Wheel set 10247 if you can afford it. Buy the Power Functions sets at the same time. You can build it and have fun, or you can collect it as an investment and hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

10247 Original Photos

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Front of the box.