Future Prospects Update – LEGO® Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator Set 42055

We don’t often see a LEGO® set like the new 42055, the Bucket Wheel Excavator. LEGO® boasts this as the largest Technic set ever made. It is a new 2016 set and it is made up of 3929 pieces. So, this is indeed a very large Technic set. It is a 2-in-1 set, so you’ll have the option of building the Bucket Wheel Excavator or the Mobile Aggregate Processing Plant! A minitruck is also included. You can see all in the photos.

The Bucket Wheel Excavator dimensions are over 16” (41cm) high, 28” (72cm) long and 11” (29cm) wide. Mobile Aggregate Processing Plant with boom retracted is over 8” (21cm) high, 34” (88cm) long and 8” (21cm) wide, and over 12” (33cm) high with extended boom.

This set comes standard with the XL Motor and Battery Box. This gives the user the option for forward and reverse driving, a moving conveyor belt, a working boom with revolving bucket wheel and a rotating superstructure.

It sells for $279.99 in US. It is designed for ages 11 to 16 (11 and up).

We are now including set 42055 in our recommendation list as a potential investment. LEGO® has released impressive Technic sets in recent years. While the early 1990’s and earlier sets have not always made noticeable gains versus the stock market, the sets after 2005 are both impressive is size, and design. The average gain of Technic sets, tracked by us here at brixinvest.net, released in 2005 or later is about 21% which is obviously almost two times better than S&P500. If set 42055 keeps in the same track, being the largest Technic set made to date, you can expect the same gain or better

See this and our overall investing recommendation list! Let us know your thoughts. You can post set photos, questions and thoughts on our Forum page.

2016 LEGO® Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator Set 42055

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