Future Prospects Update – New LEGO 2016 Releases

This month, after reviewing the entire 2016 models, we are adding three new LEGO® model releases to our recommendations to collectors. These would be as future potential investments. We have added these three new models to our future prospects page.

1. LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS set number 42056

This model has already generated a lot of buzz everywhere. It is on higher price side of $299 and is made of 2704 pieces. If you check the brixinvest Technic page, you’ll see that all of the most recent Technic sets released after 2002 have had as at least twice the gain of the S&P500 for the same period. While this set was just released and we cannot predict the retirement date, we recommend LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS to collectors.



2. LEGO Creator Big Ben set number 10253


This is another set that has generated immense interest on the Internet. You see the excitement of folks collecting and building this set on Twitter, Instagram and other social sites. This set sells for $249.99. There are 4163 pieces to set. Now that is a large set! It is 23” x 17” x 7” (60cm x 44cm x 20cm). The details on this set are amazing.

The LEGO creator models have appreciated a great deal post retirement. The Grand Carousel set 10196, Cafe Corner set 10182, the Taj Mahal set 10189 are among the brixinvest top 10 and each have appreciated at least 40% each year since release. This would be higher if calculated since retirement. Therefore, the Big Ben set 10253 has the potential to appreciate a great deal once retired.

3. LEGO City VIP Service set 60102


The level of appreciation of LEGO sets is not correlated to the selling price. Some of the sets such as the City Ambulance are small sets that have had great price appreciation. The LEGO Airport VIP Service sells for $49.99 and is made of 364 pieces. So, it is not an expensive set. The reason for our recommendation is the performance of the similar set 3222, Helicopter and Limousine. Set 3222 sold for 29.99 starting in 2010 and now the average asking price is $158.68. The lowest price for this set in perfect condition is is still $107. Based on the average price, set 3222 has appreciated 32% a year and 429% since release. If set 60102 perform in a similar manner once retired, it is sure to be a good investment.  So, check out our linked pages and our future prospects page for these sets.