Future Prospects Update – Star Wars™ Red Five X-Wing Starfighter™ 10240 Retired

The Star Wars™ Red Five Starfighter™ set 10240 was rumored (and known) to have been retired for many months now. However, the (US) Lego Store did not show this set as “Retired Product” until just a few days before this post. Now that this is know to have been retired, the market for resale is heating up. The set was sold for $199.99 on the LEGO site. But as far back as a few months ago, this set was going for almost twice as much on eBay and other reseller sites.

As of now, brixinvest has counted up to 244 of these sets on Sale for an average price of $394. There are a few who are asking as much as the low $1000’s, but after taking into account these few sales as wishful thinking, the high price is around $750. The lowest ask price recorded was about $230.

So, if you are in the market for one of these, you can still pick one up at not much above the $199.99 initial price. However when the dust settles, we suspect the price will be around the average of $390 which is a cool 98% increase since retirement. And if you bought one up when it first was released you will still be at a cool 34% increase. Even at the low price of $230, we are looking at a 16% increase since release.

See more on The Star Wars™ Red Five Starfighter™ on Sets page under the Star Wars™ theme or year of release 2013.

On our future prospects page this has now been released by set number 10242, the Mini Cooper. This set was released in 2014 and we suspect it wont stay in market for much longer.