LEGO® Friends Theme

The LEGO® Friends sets are some of the more detailed sets.  Each set often comes with many accessories, mini-doll figures and animals.  They are fun to build and play with.  The sets in the below table are those that been retired and no longer sold on the LEGO® store.

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ImageSet NameSet NumberInitial Price (USD)Average Asking Price (USD)Highest Asking Price (USD)% increase vs. Initial PriceROI Per Year Since Release (CAGR)Release Year
Heartlake Performance School41134$79.99$125.30$183.30156.64%25.16%2016
Amusement Park Roller Coaster41130$99.99$181.80$337.84181.82%34.84%2016
Heartlake Riding Club41126$59.99$129.08$236.71215.17%46.69%2016
Adventure Camp Tree House41122$79.99$173.94$259.98217.45%47.46%2016
Heartlake Grand Hotel41101$129.99$393.12$560.00302.42%73.9%2016
Emma's House41095$69.99$188.42$254.01269.21%39.11%2015
Heartlake Shopping Mall41058$109.99$248.30$354.90225.75%22.58%2014
Sunshine Ranch41039$69.99$206.67$376.47295.29%31.09%2014
Olivia's House3315$74.99$189.01$284.00252.05%16.66%2012
Summer Riding Camp3185$99.99$375.11$517.34375.15%24.65%2012

All prices for new sets in boxes that have never been opened and any seal has not been tampered with.



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