LEGO® Ninjago® Theme

The LEGO® Ninjago® sets are great fun sets and a departure from classic sets of few years ago.  These sets have become more popular after the release of The LEGO® Ninjago® Movie in 2017.

The sets in the below table are those that been retired and no longer sold on the LEGO® store.

ImageSet NameSet NumberInitial Price (USD)Average Asking Price (USD)Highest Asking Price (USD)% increase vs. Initial PriceROI Per Year Since Release (CAGR)Release Year
Temple of Airjitzu7075170751$199.99$325.73$599.00162.87%17.66%2015
Enter the Serpent70749$59.99$142.99$216.75238.36%33.58%2015
Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty70738$119.99$307.78$431.70256.50%36.89%2015
Titan Mech Battle70737$59.99$203.35$299.00338.97%50.22%2015
Attack of the Morro Dragon70736$69.99$207.22$293.72296.07%43.59%2015
Ronin R.E.X70735$49.99$93.00$182.25186.04%22.99%2015
Master Wu Dragon70734$39.99$145.95$237.23364.97%53.96%2015
City of Stiix70732$99.99$202.18$297.62202.20%26.45%2015
Dragon's Forge70627$79.99$147.08$249.28183.87%83.87%2017
Dawn of Iron Doom70626$59.99$123.48$164.27205.83%105.83%2017
Samurai X Cave Chaos70596$119.99$228.19$328.00190.17%37.9%2016
Ultra Stealth Raider70595$99.99$230.67$263.10230.69%51.89%2016
The Lighthouse Siege70594$69.99$151.34$198.81216.23%47.05%2016
The Green NRG Dragon70593$49.99$105.15$172.81210.34%45.03%2016
Airjitzu Battle Grounds70590$59.99$114.42$140.97190.73%38.11%2016

All prices for new sets in boxes that have never been opened and any seal has not been tampered with.

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