LEGOLAND® sets were the introduction to the current LEGO® interlocking bricks we all know and love.  They were some of the simplest sets as most had not yet had any exposure to LEGO® building blocks.

As we include more of these vintage sets in our database, you will notice that the price appreciation of these older sets is not as high as you would expect, especially for sets that are 40+ years old.  This is a commonly known anomaly and makes some sense.  With time the sets have become more complicated and LEGO has introduced movie sets including the wildly popular Star Wars™ collection.

By examining these lists and using our resale price guide, we hope you can make the best investment choices in retired and new LEGO® parts.

The list is ordered by annual resale price increase.   Use our sort and search capabilities appearing on top of table below to narrow down your interest choices.

Image DescriptionSet #Initial Price (USD)Average Asking price (USD)Highest Asking Price % Increase over Initial Price % Annual Increase Since Release Released
485-1 Fire Truck485$1.50$189$20012506%12.52%1975
770-frontRescue Set770$7$210$2502902%8.65%1975
All prices for new sets in boxes that have never been opened and any seal has not been tampered with.

Items denoted with * indicate limited availability as NIB. The average price might fluctuate by a large percentage.

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