LEGO® Star Wars™ Sets Released 2010 to Present

The following are LEGO® Star Wars™ sets released between 2010 to 2016.

The list below includes sets that have appreciated the most since they were first released or are the most sought after.  See resale prices of new sealed LEGO® brick sets.

By examining these lists and using our resale price guide, we hope you can make the best investment choices in retired and new LEGO® parts.

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Image DescriptionSet #Initial Price (USD)Average Asking price (USD)Highest Asking Price % Increase over Initial Price % Annual Increase Since Release Released
75055-2Imperial Star Destroyer (2014)75055$130$278$790114%46%2014
75054-3AT-AT™75054October 2016$109.99$2776137.73%2014
Jedi™ Scout Fighter75051$59.99$203.46$358.49339.16%35.71%2014
Rancor™ Pit75005$59.99$263.61$799.99439.42%34.45%2013
Corporate Alliance Tank Droid™75015$19.99$76.47$141.00382.54% 30.78%2013
75021-pRepublic Gunship™75021$120$265$599121%30%2013
75020-pJabba's Sail Barge™75020$120$200$48067%29%2013
Mos Eisley Cantina™75052$69.99$186.64$499.99266.67%27.79%2014
X-Wing Starfighter™9493$59.99$249.07$699.99415.19%26.78%2012
Red-Five-X-wing-Starfighter-set-10240Red Five X-Wing Starfighter™10240$199$394$115497%25%2013
10221-pSuper Star Destroyer™10221$400$1243$2202211%25%2011
Z-95 Headhunter™75004$49.99$150.53$334.85301.12% 24.67%2013
Battle for Geonosis™7869$39.99$181.76$418.00454.51%24.15%2011
TIE Fighter™9492$54.99$182.93$799.99332.66%22.18%2012
Coruscant™ Police Gunship75046$49.99$111.07$144.99222.18%22.09%2014
10212-pImperial Shuttle™10212$260$864$1546232%22%2010
Imperial Shuttle Tydirium75094$99.99$176.58$287.00176.60%20.87%2015
10227-pB-Wing Starfighter™10227$120$414$799107%20%2012
The Malevolence™9515$119.99$325.54$460.89271.31% 18.1%2012
Imperial Assault Carrier™75106$129.99$208.11$251.45160.10%16.98%2015
Republic Figate™7964$119.99$346.45$527.60288.73%16.36%2011
Hoth™ Echo Base™7879$89.99$240.94$699.99267.74%15.11%2011
Jedi™ Defender-class Cruiser75025$89.99$181.58$354.00201.78% 15.07%2013
Sandcrawler™75054$299.99$491.91$798.50$359.00 13.16%2014
All prices for new sets in boxes that have never been opened and any seal has not been tampered with.

Items denoted with * indicate limited availability as NIB. The average price might fluctuate by a large percentage.

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